FAQ: GETTING STARTED with udStream - Connection Questions

FAQ: GETTING STARTED with udStream - Connection Questions


I keep getting the "logged out" screen, how do I fix this issue? 
Check your internet access and license permissions and try again. For offline use, upgrade your license. 

I cannot log in 
Check your internet connection, your license status, and ensure you have used the correct URL, username, and password. Make sure your URL has a closed bracket at the end of it if using the default server URL. 

I cannot connect to the udStream Server, how do I resolve this issue? 
Check your firewall or proxy settings. If running a proxy, check with your IT department that the address is correct and that the correct port is set. 

My proxy isn't working, why? 
Adopt the proxy format of protocol://username:password@domain/URI. Network metadata is not transmitted when using proxies and is stored in plain text file, which may assist solving connection issues. 

Could not open a secure channel. Why is this popping up? 
If you are using a proxy, your network may not be sending encrypted data. Ticking the "ignore certificate verification" may circumvent this issue. Note: Network Security certificates will not be verified.