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Some common FAQs:

Why can't I see my model? 
Ensure the model is enabled: a tick should appear in the tickbox next to the model name in the Scene Explorer window. 

How can I turn the compass off? 
Settings > Appearance > Show Compass On Screen (Toggle).

How do I lock altitude when moving the camera? 
Press the Space bar to toggle, or press the lock altitude button in the 'status' window (top left of the Scene window). See Scene Info and Controls for more information. 

How do I load my previous projects? 
Open the Projects menu, and view the list of hosted udStream projects from the dropdown box. You can also load a project that you saved to disk by selecting Import from the Project menu and browsing to where you saved your <project>.json file. 

How do I convert into UDS?  

Select the Convert window and type the destination path and name for the converted file in the Output Name field (the system will add the .uds extension once you click out of that field if you don't enter it). Drag and drop the file you want to convert on to the Convert window. Fill out other fields as required. Refer to Convert in this guide for detailed instructions. 

A converting error occurred, what do I do? 
Due to either corrupt or incomplete data, clicking the 'Continue processing after corrupt/incomplete data (where possible)' tickbox will let the conversion process know that it should attempt to complete the convert process, ignoring data integrity. Euclideon cannot guarantee that the model will convert correctly or that if it does, it will be a useful rendering.


I am dragging my file to convert onto the convert window, but nothing is happening. What do I do? 
Confirm that the file type is supported for conversion by udStream. 

I want to demonstrate key features of my 3D model, how can I do that? 
Check out the Visualisation category under Settings. 

How do I adjust the mouse controls? 
View Mouse Pivot bindings in the input and controls menu in settings. 

My 3d object is hidden behind the map. How do I see it? 
Changing the Transparency or the Blending in Maps and Elevation may make it easier to see your object, using a combination of these for varied affect.