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    • FAQ: GETTING STARTED with udSDK- Common Questions

      FAQ udSDK – Common SDK Questions:   What Languages/Integrations can I use udStream SDK?  udSDK can be used with any programming language that supports C bindings. We have built sample wrappers and projects in C/C++, C#, and Python that you can use to test out some our features. However, you can create your own customized wrappers for any language you want to use. We have created a full documentation of functions available inside the kit to help you better understand the inner workings of the SDK.
    • FAQ: GETTING STARTED with udStream - Connection Questions

      FAQ udStream - COMMON CONNECTION QUESTIONS: I keep getting the "logged out" screen, how do I fix this issue?  Check your internet access and license permissions and try again. For offline use, upgrade your license.  I cannot log in  Check your internet connection, your license status, and ensure you have used the correct URL, username, and password. Make sure your URL has a closed bracket at the end of it if using the default server URL.  I cannot connect to the udStream Server, how do I resolve
    • FAQ: GETTING STARTED WITH udStream - Common FAQs

      For resources and user guides visit our Support page. Some common FAQs: Why can't I see my model?  Ensure the model is enabled: a tick should appear in the tickbox next to the model name in the Scene Explorer window.  How can I turn the compass off?  Settings > Appearance > Show Compass On Screen (Toggle). How do I lock altitude when moving the camera?  Press the Space bar to toggle, or press the lock altitude button in the 'status' window (top left of the Scene window). See Scene Info and Controls for