HOW TO: Compare .uds models using udStream Change Detection

HOW TO: Compare .uds models using udStream Change Detection

Change Detection: Comparing .uds models using udStream

udStream can be used to compare change in points between two different .uds models. This guide will explain the basic steps of using this feature.
This guide assumes you have already converted two similar point cloud models to the .uds format - for further assistance on Converting, see the Converting Models guide in the Euclideon Help Centre. 

STEP 1. Login to udStream with your account username and password.

STEP 2. Import the 2 models that the user wants to compare by dragging both models in to the Scene window.

STEP 3. Select one of the models from within the Scene Explorer window.

STEP 4. Right-Click on the file name of that model in the Scene Explorer window (Which will open a sub menu).

STEP 5. From the sub menu, Select “Compare Models” which will present a secondary sub menu.

STEP 6. Select the “Displacement Model” drop-down box & select the desired model to compare with (If there are only the 2 models, it will be the only one that is selectable and will display a tick.

STEP 7. If needed the user can change “Ball Radius”, and “Grid Size” from this sub menu, otherwise select the “Compare Models” button. Once finished creating the new dataset, it will be visible in the “Scene” Window and also in the “Scene Explorer” Window. The user can then select the datasets and see the differences. 

> Note: Due to the size and complexity of the dataset, it can vary in render/conversion times while it calculates each of the models point data to compare. The user can also define their own colours for attribute information for comparison. 

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