HOW TO: Reset Transforms

HOW TO: Reset Transforms

Using Reset Transform to fix geolocating issues

When loading non-geolocated models, udStream will try to load the model into screen space (based on where you point your mouse to). There are special cases when datasets are not geolocated to a specific SRID, but the datasets are geolocated to each other. For these cases, you can attempt to fix their geolocation two ways:

Load all models at once

  1. In File Explorer/Folder, select all files that you want to load

  2. Drag the files directly into the Scene
  3. This should load them correctly and relative to each other

Using Reset Transform

There are instances when you have already loaded your datasets or you have multiple datasets in other directories and the above approach can't be done. For such cases, you can opt to use
the Reset Transform function
Reset Transform operations will override the current position, scale and rotation to the one stored in the actual UDS. This can potentially break the positioning of your model if not used correctly, and you'll have to reload the model. It is NOT recommended to use this on Geolocated Projects.
  1. In Scene Explorer, right-click on the model
  2. On the dropdown, select Reset Transform

  3. A prompt will appear asking to confirm the Reset Transform

  4. Select Yes

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