HOW TO: Supported Data Formats for Conversion

HOW TO: Supported Data Formats for Conversion


The Euclideon udStream enables users to import 3D models and convert them to Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail format (UDS). Euclideon’s UDS format enables you to stream and load massive point cloud data sets. Euclideon udStream currently supports the following file types:
Supported File Format
LAS - Contains LiDAR point cloud data. By far the most common and industry standard GIS interchange format
LAZ - Compressed version of .las file
PTS/PTXS - Text file of point data, with intensity and colour descriptions
ASC/XYZ/TXT/CSV - Very generic ASCII (text) listing of points – one XYZ per line, can also have an intensity and/or RGB value on the same line
E57 - A newer format for GIS interchange – supports photos at scan positions and other meta information
SLPK (Esri) - Esri ArcGIS i3s file format
DXF - Autodesk file format
OBJ - Native polygon format
I3S - Indexed 3D Scene layers
TIFF - Tag Image File Format (2D)


When converting XYZ formats, it is important to consider the formatting and positioning of the values. udStream supports the following formats:

  1. X=LAT, Y=LON, Z=ALT 

  2. X=LON, Y=LAT, Z=ALT

Additionally, udStream can accept the following attribute options natively:

X, Y, Z
No Colour Data
X, Y, Z, I
Intensity Value 0-65535
X, Y, Z, R, G, B
RGB Values 0-255
X, Y, Z, R, G, B, I
RGB Values 0-255, Intensity Value 0-65535

If you attempt to drag and drop the file to want to convert on to the Convert Window before typing in the Output Name path and filename, Euclideon udStream will report that the file type is not supported.

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