HOW TO: Supported EPSG codes for Conversion

HOW TO: Supported EPSG codes for Conversion


udStream supports the following EPSG codes for geolocated models:


NAD83 / California zone 6 (ftUS)
NAD83 / Florida North (ftUS)
NAD83 / Maryland (ftUS)
NAD83 / Massachusetts Island (ftUS)
NAD83 / Washington North (ftUS)
NAD83(HARN) / California zone 6
Hong Kong 1980 Grid System
GDA94 / Geoscience Australia Lambert
2443 <-- 2461
JGD2000 (Japan)
3942 <-- 3950
RGF93 (France)
4534 <-- 4554
CGCS2000 (China)
6669 <-- 6687
JDG2011 (Japan)
28348 <-- 28356
GDA94 (Australia)
25828 <-- 25838
ETRS89 (Europe)
26901 <-- 26923
NAD83 (North America)
OSGB 1936 / British National Grid - United Kingdom Ordnance Survey
32601 <-- 32660
WGS 84
32710 <-- 32760
WGS 84
GDA2020 / Ellipsoid
GDA2020 / GA LCC
7846 <-- 7859
GDA2020 / MGA 46 through 59

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