HOW TO: Unpacking and Installing udStream

HOW TO: Unpacking and Installing udStream

Unpacking and Installing


If you haven’t already, change to the directory where you downloaded udStream.
  1. Right-click on the udStream\_OS\  file and select Extract Here to unpack the files to the current directory.
  2. If you have a computer capable of running OpenGL, then run (double-click) udStream_OpenGL.exe. Otherwise, run (double-click) udStream.exe.


  1. Locate the Euclideon udStream  DMG package that you downloaded previously.
  2. Open the DMG and drag the “Euclideon udStream ” icon onto the provided “Applications” icon.
  3. Open System Preferences, then click "Security & Privacy"
  4. .Under the General, tab locate "Allow apps downloaded from" and choose Anywhere.
  5. Run the “Euclideon udStream ” application from Applications.

Ubuntu Linux Distributions

Using this package requires a desktop environment.
  1. Use your package manager to install the  following:
    1. SDL2 (Minimum version 2.0.5)
    2. libCURL (Version 3)
  2. Locate the Euclideon udStream  tar.gz package that you downloaded previously.
  3. Unpack the entire contents of the tar.gz
  4. Type  ./udStream or double-click on udStream  to initiate the Euclideon udStream  interface.

iOS and Android

The iOS and Android builds are not currently publicly available.

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