HOW TO: Use Visualisations

HOW TO: Use Visualisations

Using Visualisations

  1. Login to Client
  2. Select “Settings” from the menu (Settings can be found through the Scene Profile Menu “3 Line button” situated at the top left of the Scene window.
  3. From the left column of the new window that has appeared, Select “Visualisations”
  4. The Panel on the right gives the user options to adjust the visualisation of the data displayed in the Scene Window
Display Mode
Customise and view the different types of data or ‘channels’ associated with your datasets
Selected Objects highlighting
Selected objects will now be highlighted in the scene
Edge Highlighting
Highlights the edges of every voxel in the scene
Colour By Height
Displays colours along the specified two-colour gradient to all objects in the scene based on their height
Distance To Camera
Displays colours along a one-colour gradient to all objects in the scene based on their distance from the camera
Displays elevation contours depicted by Contour Colour on all objects

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