HOW TO: Login using a Proxy

HOW TO: Login using a Proxy

Logging into udStream with a Proxy

  1. From the Login screen, click the Settings button
  2. On the left side of the Settings window, locate the Connection option and click it. This will display the Connection options on the right side
  3. Firstly you can try clicking the “Auto-detect Proxy” button
  4. Failing this, simply enter your Proxy Address (this will either already be known to you or your IT department) and click Test Connection
  5. If the connection is successful, you can simply close the Settings Window and Login as normal
  6. If the connection fails, you can click the “Ignore Certificate Verification” box and try the test again
  7. If it still fails it is probably due to your Proxy requiring its own authentication
  8. Click the “Require Proxy Authentication” box
  9. Enter your Proxy Username and Password here (these will either be known to you if you setup the Proxy, else get these credentials from your IT department)
  10. Click the Test Connection button again
  11. The connection test should now pass. Simply close the Settings window and Login as normal
NOTE: If, after Step 10, the connection test is still failing, please contact your IT department to validate the status of your Proxy.

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