HOW TO: Login information

HOW TO: Login information

Login Information

Before attempting to log into udStream , ensure you have extracted or installed the package.
When running udStream, you will be asked to provide your login credentials. Below is the list of parameters and their respective function:
Will be provided by your Euclideon Server provider
The username you entered while registering
Your account password

There are also additional settings in the 
Advanced Connection Settings:
Proxy Address
The address for your internet proxy
‚Äč(this is provided by your system administrator)
User Agent
A field included in HTTP request headers. Very few users will need to specify this setting
Ignore Certificate Validation will disable verification of the PEER and HOST certificate authorities. This setting should only be used when instructed by your system administrator and only when errors are occurring during the login process, as it will weaken the security between your computer and the Euclideon udStream Server.
TIP: If the system reports a username or password error, ensure you have entered the credentials correctly. The system is case-sensitive and does not accept spaces before or after the Server URL and login credentials.

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